Terms of delivery and payment

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Dear customers, the products we provide are made by hand and can be customized as requested (by choosing the size, wood essence, or colors of painted glass).


To order a preferred product, please fill in the order / contact form from the site, specifying the product code, the delivery location, the contact methods (phone, email), possibly preferences related to the personalization of the respective product.

After receiving your message, we will analyze the request and respond, specifying availability, manufacturing time, delivery time, price and mode of transport.

Note: filling in the contact form does NOT imply the automatic purchase of the product, but only your intention to purchase the product. The confirmation of the purchase will be made only after we will establish all the details related to the manufacture, and after we will send you the complete data on the estimated term and the delivery method.


The products can come into your possession in the following ways:

  • By direct lifting from our workshop
  • Direct delivery with our vehicles (extra charge)
  • Fast courier delivery (extra charge)* The delivery method will be established for each order, depending on the size, number of pieces, weight, etc. The value of the transport (in the case of direct or courier transport) will be sent to you immediately after we analyze your reques

    ** For direct deliveries, the products will be received and paid when transporter comes, then picked up by the customer.

    *** For courier deliveries, the products will be received, preferably at the courier’s headquarters (to observe any inconsistencies, or damage transportation) or at the address you indicated.


1. Products in stock – delivery is made in 5-8 days from the order

2. Custom products – since the products are not standard, each order is unique, the processing is done manually, the materials must be ordered individually, the lead time depends on the type of product, and can vary from 10 to 30 days.

When analyzing your request, you will be notified of the duration until delivery for each order / request received.

The payment

Payment is made depending on the type of product:

For manufactured ordered, an advance of 50% of the product value will be paid for entering the manufacture, after order confirmation, and the remaining 50% upon delivery / receipt of the product.
Note: since the products are handmade from raw / solid wood, and each product is unique, there may be differences in texture, shade, between the presentation photos and the finished product.


If the execution of the order takes longer than the estimated term, with an amount exceeding 25% of the announced duration, the customer can request the cancellation of the order (the value paid in advance will be returned in full to him, within max. 10 days)

Upon direct delivery, if the customer finds any hidden, real defects of the product, it will remain in the transport car and will be returned, and the value paid in advance will be entirely returned in full to the customer, within max. five days

Upon delivery by courier, at the reception – we recommend at its headquarters – if the products show real damage related to transport, they will be notified to the courier, then the products are returned immediatly and the value paid in advance (including return of transport value) is returned to the customer within 10 days.

In any other situation than those presented above, orders cannot be canceled, the customer being obliged to pay for these products upon delivery. The refusal to pay in full upon delivery (in other situations than those presented above) leads to the return of the products back to the supplier and the loss of the entire sum paid by the customer.

For any other clarification or additional information, if necessary, please contact us at 0744775050 or email: cramardesign@gmail.com