Passion and

"Thought is Emotion which, in motion, becomes Energy. Handled with skill, this transforms into Matter. When you synchronize you become what you want to express. When you create, you spread a Feeling in a space of Peace and Light built through your entrusting and dedication, as an exercise of Love. "

Lucian Cramar - project coordinator of Cramar Design

Cramar Design - a project started after 20 years of experience in the field of wood processing

After more than 20 years while we dedicated ourselves in giving our clients welcoming and warm wooden houses, the time came for Cramar Design. So, our history continues! We let ourselves be carried away by the artistic impulse, so that innovative ideas and creativity result in wonderful creations made of wood, stone or glass.

Our luminaires harmoniously combine the warmth of wood, the durability of stone and the elegance of glass. Because we are defined by uniqueness, our products are original creations. Each Cramar Design product represents a unique copy.


Cramar Design products are designed to closely reflect the personality of those who choose our creations. Thus, the lighting fixtures and other pieces of furniture can be customized. The dimensions or any used materials can be combined as our customers requests.

led strips wooden lamps

Led strip wooden lamps

led spot wooden lamps

Led spot wooden lamps

vintage light bulb lamps

Vintage light bulb lamps

painted glass wooden lamps

Painted glass wooden lamps

stone and wood lamps

Stone and wood lamps

wall wooden lamps

Wall wooden lamps